Lua Thanks

The Lua team is grateful to several individuals, donors, and institutions. We are especially grateful to Tecgraf for its continued support of Lua. We thank everyone at Tecgraf, especially its creator and former director, Marcelo Gattass.


At the risk of omitting several names, we thank the following individuals for supporting Lua along the years by spreading the word about Lua, contributing ideas, suggesting improvements, and helping the community:

Aaron Brown, Adam Moss, Alan Watson, Albert-Jan Brouwer, Alexander Gladysh, Andrew Wilson, André Carregal, André Clinio, André Costa, Antonio Scuri, Ashwin Hirschi, Asko Kauppi, Benjamin Cabé, Björn Ritzl, Bret Mogilefsky, Brett Kapilik, Cameron Laird, Carlos Cassino, Carlos Henrique Levy, Claudio Terra, Dado Sutter, Daniel Silverstone, Daurnimator, David Burgess, David Jeske, David Manura, Diego Nehab, Ed Ferguson, Edgar Toernig, Erik Hougaard, Etiene Dalcol, Evandro Gonçalves, Gustavo Niemeyer, Hans Hagen, Hisham Muhammad, Jan-Pieter Jacobs, Jim Mathies, Jim Whitehead, John Belmonte, John Passaniti, John Rodriguez, John Roll, Jon Erickson, Jon Kleiser, Julio Manuel Fernández-Díaz, Kein-Hong Man, Kurt Jung, Kévin Kin-foo, Lourival Neto, Marc Balmer, Marco Palladino, Mark Hamburg, Mark Ian Barlow, Matthew Burke, Matthew Cox, Mike Pall, Nick Trout, Noemi Rodriguez, Norman Ramsey, Patrick Donnelly, Paul Merrell, Pavel Striz, Peter Cawley, Philippe Lhoste, Renata Ratton, Renato Borges, Renato Cerqueira, Reuben Thomas, Rici Lake, Rob Kendrick, Ryan Pusztai, Stefan Peters, Stephan Herrmann, Steve Dekorte, Steve Donovan, Sérgio Queiroz de Medeiros, Taco Hoekwater, Thatcher Ulrich, Tomás Gorham, Vera Hardmeier, Vincent Penquerc'h, Wim Couwenberg.

Thank you!


We are grateful to all individuals and companies for their generous donations to the Lua project. Besides several anonymous donors, recent donors include:

Askil Oseberg Rřnning

Thank you!


We are grateful to the following institutions for currently supporting Lua:

Tecgraf Tecgraf housed the Lua project from its birth in 1993 until 2005.
LabLua LabLua houses the Lua project since 2005.
DI The Department of Computer Science houses LabLua, where Lua is currently developed.
PUC-Rio PUC-Rio is the birthplace of Lua and is the alma mater of the Lua team.
IMPA IMPA hosted LuaForge and is home to one third of the Lua team.
msys micro systems hosts since 2023.

Other institutions

We are grateful to the following institutions for supporting Lua in the past:

Pepperfish hosted from 2004 to 2023 and the mailing list from 2010 to 2023.
CUJO CUJO AI hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2018.
Mashape hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2016 and the Lua Workshop 2017.
King hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2015.
Mail.Ru hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2014.
Verisign hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2012.
FINEP sponsored the translation of the reference manual into Portuguese in 2007.
Océ hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2006 and was a corporate sponsor.
Adobe hosted and sponsored the Lua Workshop 2005 and was a corporate sponsor.
CNPq supported several initiatives of the Lua project in 2004 and 2005.
Soho One hosted this website from 2001 to 2004.
Mandriva Conectiva hosted the mailing list from 2003 to 2010.